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As I said above, SEO can help you

Many businesses often wonder whether to choose SEO or PPC, but under the experience of industry experts, you should make a remarketing target strategy to target audiences thanks to SEO, such as customers who have visited important pages. inside the Customer Journey funnel because they are the exact lead.

8. Building, consolidating and developing a sustainable brand

Most users using the Google search engine, or other search engines will never stop at finding a keyword or clicking on a website on the search results and then done.

Instead, they tend to search for more related keywords many, many and many more times until they have the most complete information.

What does this mean in SEO?

Your website will most likely appear continuously in the eyes of searchers at the top position on Google. And the opportunity will be even higher when users see your business as one of the experts in the business of the product or service they are targeting.

So how does SEO affect businesses?

Assuming you consistently appear in the top 5 search engine positions of the keyword phrase they are searching for, are you one of the top 5 experts in the industry?

Are you also (and still are) saying "The higher the ranking of the website on the search engine results, the more reputable the website is"?

But this is also the truth.

The keyword's search engine ranking is like a vote of belief: "Google puts a website in the top position, which means that website is a leading company in this field".

The higher your rankings appear in search results, the more trust you can get in the eyes of your customers.

Returning to the most basic question when businesses find SEO.

The real answer is this: if you don't rank well on search engines, it won't hurt your business.

But, you are losing huge potential for revenue every day ...

You can generate thousands of visitors to your website every month thanks to SEO. And if your website converts traffic into good leads, you will have hundreds more leads every month.

That's how SEO impacts your business. The results really depend on you.

But everything has two sides of it, so does SEO.
Limitations of SEO

To help you properly understand SEO and make the most accurate decision, I will talk about the limitations of SEO in a moment.

Besides the advantages of SEO, the time invested or the competition is also the downside of SEO. As follows:

1. Long investment time - affects opportunity cost in business

The lasting long-term results of SEO can't come in a day, can they? Getting articles on your business website to appear at the top of the search engine can take a long time. It could even take months.

So, with SEO, businesses need to have patience. And this method will not be suitable for business people who need quick advertising.
2. Stronger competition

3. Not a conversion channel if it's purely SEO

I agree that SEO optimization has a very positive impact on the conversion rate of the website. But if you are looking for SEO purely, you shouldn't, because conversion generation depends on other complementary factors such as:

    How is the UX & website UI?

    How quality website content?

    Do you plan on running remarketing?

    Is there a CRM system to nurture potential guests slowly converting to real guests?

The result is only an SEO channel or an Ads or a simple channel that drives conversions, but there are two plans in parallel:

    Plan to attract users in accordance with buyer persona (customer portrait) through traffic attraction channels such as SEO; ads; PR;….

    The conversion optimization plan focuses on converting prospect / traffic into real customers / clients, generating real sales.

The continuous variation of the Google algorithm

Search rankings are mostly optimized based on Google algorithm, like a "scoring bar". If the bar is changed, the score will also change. More interestingly, Google often has unexpected updates to directly remove poor quality websites from the search results table.

So not just optimizing SEO is enough, the website should be optimized with focus on user experience, because Google's goal is to provide the best results for users.
Basic process of SEO

SEO covers many techniques from simple to advanced, easy for beginners to give up. But don't worry when I have codified the SEO process through the infographic below. Let's start simple to do bigger things.

     Research : Research keywords using free and paid tools. The easiest way to start is to understand what your Clients are looking for

    Content Construction:
     Deploy Content Expert based on the Keyword list that you have researched before

     Optimize keywords, heading tags, meta description, images, .. for the content you have deployed.

     Building a Backlink system to create trust and promote SEO key URLs

    Track results:
     Always follow the results that you implemented the previous steps to make next goals.

    Advanced optimization:
     Continuously analyze further, perform advanced optimization steps. Simply keeping the top is harder than the SEO top

    CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization:
     The Ultimate Purpose is Revenue and Brands. Constantly optimize the CRO for a successful SEO process.

12 The job of SEO Marketing

SEO is making the website rank as high as possible on the search results. So what work does an SEO person need to implement in detail? The answer lies in this content.
1. Plan SEO every month - quarter - year

The SEO plan should have specific implementation activities based on the current state of the business while focusing on the end goal.

The plan should be clear in the following:

    Objectives (SEO audit, topic extension, ...)

    Detailed execution items

    Deployment date

    The person performing

You can check out the SEO Audit Checklist of VIET SEO SEO to capture the plan template or apply it to your website.
2. Keyword research

Keyword research is one of the first steps in the SEO process.

And the related keyword search should always be updated to serve the next SEO steps, about every 2 weeks.

If you work with the sales team, gather information from them to know what content / topics are often covered during customer meetings. From here you can realize different insights from traditional keyword search.
3. Content creation and Content updates every week

In addition to adding articles that match customer insights to persuade them to enter the sales funnel more effectively, you also need to review old articles published 6 months ago to update new content, or real does more SEO standard article optimization.

For Content updates, you should check out my tutorial detailing how to audit my Content
4. Analyzing and optimizing Onpage

Onpage SEO says a lot about the health of a website. Good on-page optimization also helps your website appear at special result positions such as feature snippet or knowledge graph, reaching closer to readers.

Feature snippet (featured snippet) is a piece of content displayed on search results extracted from the website by Google in order to quickly answer questions of users.

Snippets have a big influence on a page's CTR on Google search engine rankings, including:

    Title tag

    Meta description

    and URL.

The more these 3 factors are related to your search keyword and user intent, the higher chances of a user clicking on your page.

That's why every week I analyze whether snippets have responded to a user's query on the search results table - SERPs (short for Search Engine Results Page)? See if it is attractive enough or not?

To optimize content for users and search engines - Google, you should remember a few notes:

    Optimize keywords for URLs, Headings

    Place a catchy title, increase CTR

    There is meta description for all content

However, "if you try, you will be successful", right? There are me and VIET SEO team ready to assist you, do not be discouraged!
5. Interaction with Customers

Interacting with customers through comment feedback or connecting content (questions, communication questions) like how I'm "communicating" with you through this article, will make love level. likes and trusts for you higher. And at the same time you also have a chance to get to know your customer better.
6. Build internal and external links

Quality backlink is the key in SEO, is one of the factors that affect website rankings on Google search engines and other search engines alike.

I've always been concerned with the credibility and wholesomeness of my links. The purpose is to make sure the people who visit your website are the people you are targeting.

I do this every week. But at the same time, I also look for opportunities to build new, relevant and quality backlinks.
7. Design, upgrade UX UI of website

The design of the website directly affects the user experience when visiting your website.

I often review pages to see if they meet a person's goals. Persona is a fictitious user base on your website's user base.

Using a heatmap also helps you see the user's navigation characteristics. For example, the eye area of ​​the user focuses the most, the area the user clicks the most ... From there, update the position of the company's banner, strategic button, increase CTR!

8. Advertise and post articles on Social Network

No matter how high-quality you create content, it's useless if it can't reach users. A popular method to achieve that is that through Social Media Marketing (advertising on social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, ...) will be an effective bridge to promote content, especially when you have followers. Follow certain interactions.

The important thing is that businesses need to understand how their readers operate on social media to plan the right strategy.
9. Analyzing and evaluating the opponent

You are wondering: What are the techniques / strategies that the competitors are applying to do SEO?

In this case, I'm not only talking about competitors in the marketplace, but also about the competition on the search results page. And so I also VIET SEO team is always monitoring and updating the latest SEO tactics so that we are not left behind.
10. Management of returned data (metric)

This is the essential task of measuring your efforts and knowing how your website / blog is performing.

The first task of each day is to analyze the performance of the blog page and check for suspicious behavior (both positive and negative).
11. Persona analysis

Like I said, the customer portrait determines the overall marketing strategy.

So schedule a regular review. From there, you can know whether your SEO strategy is properly targeting the ideal audience at the moment or not.

I do analysis as needed, but I recommend reviewing your ideal client portrait every 6 months. From there, we rely on the content of our profile persona to build content on the website or website content strategy.
12. Report, re-evaluate based on Plan set out

Reports help us locate other departments within the company involved in the SEO work we are developing. So that it can provide interesting comparison of the results achieved.

So, what information needs to be presented in SEO reports? Let's take a look at it with me!

    Number of unique visitors

    Growth over the previous month

    The most visited pages

    New Ranking

    Percentage of article conversion

    With customers

    New link

If you're an agency and need to report results, focus on metrics that deliver the real results your customers expect. For example, traffic or conversion rate.
Better SEO tools

There are top jobs in SEO you just need to implement manually, but there are also top jobs that force you to resort to tools.

Including the following tools:

    Google Analytics

    Google Search Console

    Google Tag Manager

    Google Keywords Planner


    SEO Quake ToolBar

    Screaming Frog

    Surfer SEO: Onpage optimization according to LSI KEYWORDS

    Cora SEO: advanced onpage optimization

    Spineditor checks keywords cheap and easy to use

    Google Pagespeed Insights measures load speed

Google algorithms

Google's algorithms significantly affect the SEO results of many websites. Therefore, SEOs need to know how to adapt to the constant changes coming from Google.

Here are some of the biggest algorithms SEOers need to know:

    Panda algorithm

    The Penguin Algorithm (penguins)

    Pirate Algorithm

    Hummingbird algorithm (hummingbird)

    Pigeon algorithm (pigeon)

    Mobile Friendly


    Possum algorithm

    Fred algorithm

Let's find out in detail the content of each of the aforementioned algorithms!
Panda algorithm

The goal of Panda algorithm is websites with low quality content, poor quality, spam, copy,…. When the website violates these errors and is handled by the Panda algorithm, it is impossible to get a high ranking on the search engine.

The Penguin Algorithm (penguins)

Sites with poor link profiles, spammy and unnatural links, will be handled by the Penguin algorithm and cannot be at the top of the search table.
Pirate Algorithm

The aim of the Pirate algorithm is to handle websites that violate content copyright, which have been reported by many infringements.
Hummingbird algorithm (hummingbird)

With the Google Hummingbird algorithm, websites with keyword-stuffed articles or inaccurate keyword targets will be dealt with.
Pigeon algorithm (pigeon)

Poorly optimized sites, improper Google My Business setup, or conflicting business contact information or lack of citations in local directories will be handled by Pigeon.
Mobile Friendly

The Mobile Friendly algorithm will screen websites with no mobile version, websites with too small text, or lines that are too close to each other, making it difficult for users to read, use many plugins, or have modifications. view is not good to proceed with violation handling.

The goal of the RankBrain algorithm is websites that lack a specific query relevance or provide poor user experience.

Popular forms of SEO

This algorithm deals with websites that have the same address or provide similar services.
Possum algorithm

This algorithm deals with websites that have the same address or provide similar services.
Fred algorithm

The objects that Fred algorithm aims to are websites with too many ads, spam, poor quality content, not aimed at users.

This algorithm when launched has caused many websites to reduce traffic. There are even websites that drop to the level of 1 in 10 before.

Businesses building websites should pay attention to the algorithm that can bring their website to the top of the search table.

There are many popular SEO forms today, but the end result is still increasing visits and optimizing conversions for the website. Let's take a look below.
SEO Branding

SEO focuses on increasing brand awareness, spreading entity about the business to increase brand strength, priority to increase rankings on SERPs, and at the same time helping to build good images in the hearts of customers. From there, create a good effect for the company's business and business.
SEO Sales

Sales SEO is currently the most popular form of SEO today, especially e-commerce sites (SEO E-Commerce).

With the strong development of e-commerce and popularity, the increasing trend of online buying leads to more and more SEO sales products.

SEO is the natural way of reaching potential customers. So when customers search for keywords, their purpose is to find information. By providing information, you can advertise and sell your products.

The form of SEO Sales not only brings revenue but also is a way to connect and retain customers. Through quality information that you share, customers will regularly update and gradually become close friends. This is an effective sales method and a cost-effective form of online marketing.

The most common causes of an VIETSEO are:

VIETSEO is the sudden loss of your website's stability and ranking on search engines. It brings heavy economic and mental damages to website owners. Failure to properly process can lead to irreversible losses.

Get badly played by the opponent by pumping dirty links

    Too much link building strategy is not diverse

    The content is not creative, there is too much copy

    Use black hat SEO tips,….

Process to handle VIETSEO:


    Optimized the entire website for Google friendliness

    Contact to declare directly with Google to be handled as soon as possible

Vietnam SEO service

Businesses should evolve rapidly. ROI should happen rapidly. Our tested SEO strategies will increase the search ranking of your website thus ensuring a steady flow of leads. Want to increase your sales? Join hands with our SEO Company in Melbourne, we implementing our conversion-centric SEO strategy and take your business to great heights. With the right keywords, we guarantee the best possible sales conversion and enhance your customer base.

Both organic and paid search marketing strategies are essential for your internet marketing strategy, and should be used in an integrated way to complement each other.

What’s the structure of your SEO team?

At Alphametic, we have an experienced team of industry experts who specialize in various areas of SEO, including an SEO analyst, a content strategist, a backlink researcher, and digital copywriter. Visit our team’s page for more information.
Do you use SEO outsourcing?

No. At Alphametic, we don’t outsource any of our work to outside agencies or overseas teams. All our work in done in-house by dedicated team members who underVIET SEOd your brand and take a long-term view of our client’s success.

Our Services

Whether you have lofty goals to increase your organic search traffic next quarter, or have a site that’s been penalized, our team has a proven track record of success with businesses across industries and niches.

With decades of combined experience, our SEO team consists of technical experts with specialties in several areas. From local search and offsite SEO to technical SEO and marketing automation, we’re prepared to take on even the most difficult problems. We don’t look at search engine optimization in a vacuum; we gather all perspectives and diagnose problems with actionable solutions that drive results.

    Backlink Analysis and Removal
    Keyword Research and Canonical Mapping
    Local SEO Audit Services
    SEO Audits for Marketing Automation Platforms
    On-Site SEO Audit
    Technical SEO Services

SEO companies across Australia will carry on about how they can rank your business in Google’s search results and guarantee traffic. It sounds great, right? But search demand is down as a result of COVID-19 in some verticals.

That means it’s important to adjust your SEO strategy to meet your objectives. Maintain rankings on valuable keywords, so when demand returns, you’re in front of your competitors.

But just as important, start becoming visible in the SERPs for trending topics related to your niche. What does your target audience need to underVIET SEOd about your business and this pandemic?

We’re an SEO agency that generates qualified traffic, both now – and down the line.

How will YouTube SEO help your business?

No matter the topic, video SEO strategies can be used to help grow your channel, increase video views, likes subscribers and engagement, and while also boosting your online visibility.

For some audiences, video content is the most popular form of content, making video SEO even more important than website SEO.

Higher rankings on YouTube means more clicks, more engagement, and more users. And with YouTube being the fastest growing video sharing website in the world, it is the optimal place for video content.

Since YouTube was bought by Google in 2006, optimising for YouTube can be an even more powerful SEO strategy than other forms.

Since Google has access to all of the information and optimisation that is provided with your videos, optimising for YouTube is essentially optimising for Google, as well.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to the actions taken by marketers and webmasters to optimize individual web pages, including copy and HTML.

By making adjustments to on-page elements, companies can increase their chances for ranking for keywords, generating more organic traffic and making their site more friendly to both users and search engine algorithms.

Common on-page elements to optimize include:

    On-page copy, images and videos.
    Meta descriptions and title tags.
    Image alt text.
    HTML headings (H1-H6 tags).
    URL strings.
    Internal linking structures.
    Schema markup (featured snippet optimization).

Why You Need On-Page SEO

On-page SEO improves your online visibility, making it easier for searchers to find your content and for algorithms to crawl and index your pages.

Depending on your business model and its current marketing capabilities, search engine traffic may comprise 50-90% of all traffic to your site. In other words, on-page SEO helps get you in front of 50-90% of your prospects.

On-page SEO can also be a key competitive differentiator in your industry. As traditional companies rely on legacy marketing tactics – business cards, handshake agreements, print advertising, etc. – you can use on-page SEO to reach a modern audience in an extremely efficient and cost-effective way.

Because SEO is an ongoing, long-term investment, making it a core function of your digital marketing strategy is best practice.

Algorithms change, customer demands evolve – SEO allows you to quickly keep pace with these transformations so that your company is ever-present and ever-agile.

VIET SEO’s On-Page SEO Services

Our on-page SEO services come in all shapes and sizes. They can be purchased a la carte, custom-quoted for unique projects or embedded into your rolling strategy.

VIET SEO SEO experts may recommend services that include, but are not limited to:

    Blog writing and optimization.
    Landing page writing and optimization.
    Copy and content refreshes.
    Creating and updating product descriptions.
    Technical on-page site audits and error remediation.
    Site health checks.
    Website SSL setup.
    Metadata optimization.
    Link structure analysis and adjustment.
    Conversion rate and mobile optimization.
    Analytics tracking.

Each service involves hands-on technical and strategic support at all stages of the process, via planning, execution and reporting.

Site and SEO Audits

VIET SEO’s website audits are conducted by our Consulting department. Highly skilled in SEO best practices, a Consultant documents, analyzes, reports and provides strategic suggestions on your organization’s current website status, and the necessary steps required to fix and improve upon your positioning in the marketplace.

As a startup - and even as an established business - you might feel compelled to make a series of compromises to get your digital marketing up and running.

The first option is to spend more of your time learning and then implementing a marketing strategy. But when you’re already working a 70-hour week, even a few extra hours can be a burden on your schedule.

The second option is to dispense a significant budget for an in-house or a freelance marketing expert. There’s a huge market for professional SEO services so, with a tad of good luck, you might run into a decent contractor.

A professional SEO company can provide some middle ground between the two solutions.

How will you know that you’ve found the right partner for your business needs? The brief answer is: your marketing budget will turn out as an investment rather than a cost.

According to research by Better Buys, businesses that use analytics to track their performance are 5X more likely to make faster decisions. With Agile taking over traditional business environments, fast decision-making is key to your success.

When it comes to SEO efforts, Google Analytics is a marketer’s best friend. That is, if the code is properly set up and you have a thorough underVIET SEOding of your data.

Professional SEO companies tend to be more data-sensitive than independent and even in-house marketers. Why? Because they measure their own performance by the results they get for their clients.

A failed campaign can stain an agency’s reputation permanently. A reliable search engine optimization agency will avoid the common marketing strategy mistakes, helping you build a positive corporate identity.

They’ll take their time to explain to you why social media following and website traffic are pure vanity metrics unless you monetize them. They’ll come up with an action plan for conversion rate optimisation and always make sure to maximize your ROI.

Mobile Responsiveness

A poor underVIET SEOding of analytics can be very costly to your business. A professional SEO company will be able to aggregate various expertise for accurate results—from making sure the Google Analytics Tags are properly set up in your website’s code, to setting up filters and interpreting the data.

One common mistake that businesses - or their marketers - make is initiating a SEO strategy without planning for the long term.